Gotham Steel Air Fry Pan: The Best Thing For Frying Foods Without Using Oil Or Butter

Gotham Steel Air Fry Pan is the best way for frying food without using Oils Or Butter. Every kitchen deserves to have this super Air Fry Pan with Transparent Glass lid.

The three unique side vents allow heated air flow through, creating a convection current inside the pan.


Features of Gotham Air Fry Pan:👇

▪ It Fries Without Oil or Butter

▪ Fries Food 20% Faster than Other Pans

▪ Retains the Nutrients, Natural Flavour and Taste of Food

▪ It’s Stronger Than Steel

▪ Nothing Will Stick To It

▪ Has Ceramic Surface

▪ Cooks Food On All Sides Equally

▪ Metal Utensils Won`t Scratch It

▪ No Need of Flipping or Mixing.


And Lots More…